Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Go Go Garden

As you can see the garden plants are really taking off.
The rapid growth the heat brings make me grateful to live in Florida. Have some tiny squash growing already. These things sprout and grow so fast!

Tomato cage filling up.

Love the brilliant squash blossoms. Accidentally overexposed this one.
Happy accident. The little flowers scattered on top are the last of the
jasmine blossoms.

Hello future tomatoes!
Morning sun on big squash leaves.


  1. Your raised beds look nice. I made ours out of untreated wood, for fear that that the creosote of treated wood would get into the plants. Instead, I painted the wood. Even so, I knew that we'd encounter rotting sooner than with treated wood. This year is has come to pass. Between the rotting and Gayle driving into them, I foresee doing some rebuilding this fall.

  2. Thanks for the comment. The wood is treated with "Micronized Copper Quaternary" (thank you cut and paste!). Reading online you get a mix of opinions about if any of the copper will leach into the soil, how far it might leach and so on. It is a newish method of preserving wood so it may be years before research can say anything useful. The wood industry says thumbs up on this method but you'd expect that from them.


    This same "blog" features arty and functional corner hardware for raised beds. Me want.