Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gathering Heirloom Seeds

This is lettuce seed. Like a tiny dandelion it opens with little fluff transports.
Been gathering these tykes for weeks now, winnowing them and putting
in a glass jar. Sitting in the sun and plucking these little things put me in a
poetic frame of mind.

A word is a seed.
From my lips to your ears.
From my fingers to your eyes.
Chosen carefully, it grows food.
Chosen poorly, it grows hunger.
Makes and releases it's own.

Seeds don't look like much in the Tupperware dish. But they are magic. Food.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warm and Really Growing

One of the benefits of spring: the delicious smell of jasmine blooms.
With the temperatures hitting 90 degrees in Florida, all things green begin growing rapidly- sacred sod included. Need to mow weekly now. Sigh.

But the happy upside is my garden is growing rapidly too.

Two raised beds are in now with room for more. No complaints from
neighbors or Homeowners Association so far. The plants nearest the camera
are various kinds of squash. Will need to set up something for them to climb.

The herb department now has oregano, basil, English thyme, and rosemary. Numerous kinds of tomatoes are taking off and some peppers, broccoli and leeks. Squash too.
Don't worry, it only looks like a thermonuclear device! It's an 80 gallon
tumbling composter. Bought with Costco rebate check.

I put in some sweaty hours cutting sod where the planters were put in and moved the good sod to spots that had died over the winter. 

We had been saving fruit and vegetable scraps for weeks when I finally bought the composter and set it up. For a couple days, it dripped and smelled like a dumpster behind a grocery store. But now it's starting to do its magic of converting food garbage to soil-snacks.

The day after a friend and I planted the seedlings, we had a violent rain storm come through. It tore off the little PVC and shade cloth shelters I had set up. But that storm did thoroughly water everything.

Coming soon: saving lettuce seeds.
If you love fresh basil as much as I do, this picture makes you weepy.