Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thinking Big, Starting Small

Too much to start with but it's good to have a master plan.
Garden will be built over time.

Did a little thinking yesterday afternoon and here is one idea for a master plan. It is more garden than I want to start with. I think one row of eight 4' x 4' planters is ambitious enough for now. But which row? I'm feeling middle row because it displaces no landscaping against the house.

A mental checklist is forming in my brain: buy wheelbarrow, research and build a composter, look into a rain catchment (side garden gets pounded with rain off roof and that water could provide irrigation for gardening).

Also need to figure out which vegetables to plant and when. My wife has been referring to an excellent book for years that is helpful with this: Month-By-Month Gardening in Florida by Toni McCubbins. This provides much local wisdom.

I'm going to start everything I can from seeds. So much cheaper ($1.75 for packet of seeds, may be enough for hundreds of plants versus buying one potted plant for $3.75).

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