Monday, January 17, 2011

The Germinatorium

I have been rewarded with a couple sprouts coming out of the soil this
morning. I tried to figure out a way to rig watering from the shower head but
it was going to take too much time and money to work and might have too
much pressure. Behold the $6 watering can. Fill in the tub and sprinkle.
I've sprouted ideas in this room before but seeds? 

With the addition of a pair of scrap two-by-fours, a cheap plastic watering can and cheap plastic trays, the upstairs bathroom is now the germinatorium. Upstairs is good because it is warmer and little used at the moment. It gets some good sunshine too.

Seeds of many kinds are now being reanimated in yogurt cups and newspaper cups: four kinds of peppers, five kinds of tomatoes, six kinds of herbs, two kinds of cucumbers, broccoli, leeks and some others I don't remember now.

Growing food to eat seems very much a numbers thing. I eat much and therefor will plant much. I don't expect all my veggie needs will come out of our garden but I'd love it if much did.

Say hello to my little friend!

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  1. Cool Craig... my greenhouse is immediately adjacent to my office. In a few weeks I'll have it scattered w/ a few new seedlings.

    Keep at it.